23rd SEPT - 16th OCT 2013

RELIC is an open submission exhibition that focuses on Gernos Mansion and its relationship with Gernos Home Farm situated in the county of Ceredigion, South West Wales 


Artists can either submit current work or make proposals for new work

Any media will be considered for inclusion - except Performance and Video/Film with sound Silent film and video are welcome

Please be aware that the venue is damp and not climatically stable

please consider this when selecting work for submission. 


 NOON on 31st July 2013

All applicants should be prepared to attend the private viewing weekend of 21st & 22nd Sept 

If specialist equipment (i.e video/film projectors) are required, artists must be able to provide their own and be available to assist in installing the equipment.

Please send a brief statement of up to 500 words including full description of the work, dimensions and price* - along with .JPG images to 

please send as much information as possible to aid selection. 

Selected artists will be informed by 14th August 2013

*any work sold will be subject to a 30% commission, please take this into account when pricing your work.

Notes on Gernos Mansion and Gernos Home Farm

In the 1800's Gernos Mansion was the home of the Tyler family. The Tylers estate included mount Gernos to the north and extended for many miles in almost every direction from the mansion. 
Gernos Home Farm, situated opposite the mansion house, provided a home to the labourers of the estate and included a water mill, granary, dairy, kitchen, gardens and even a sweet chestnut coppice in nearby Garden Wood. 

 In later years the empty mansion stood fairly untouched until the late 20th century when locals began to salvage materials for smaller buildings. The removal of slates from the roof spelled its demise as slowly the wet welsh weather took its toll and the mansion began to collapse. Now the only physical remains are the two large bay windows (as captured in Paul White's photographs) and a collection of ornate sandstone blocks from the mansion's music room, currently preserved within the Granary of Gernos Home Farm.

The Granary at Gernos Home Farm will provide the venue for the RELIC exhibition. Although recently converted it still evidences it's historic use through curiosities such as the threshing floor, corn chute, threshing machine and various door and fireplace lintels. It's later role as a dairy can be discerned from the cement filled drainage channels in the floor. Though recently re-pointed and lime-washed, the original beams and a freshly uncovered balistraria or vertical window, emphasize its characteristic past.

All photographs by Mdouglas 2013 unless otherwise stated.

GRAND DECLINES welsh ruins and welsh ruined mansions 1991 - 2013  is a project by photographer Paul White  


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